NOV 16 - 18 | 2021
Cologne | Germany
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Q&A digital extension of EUROPEAN ROTORS

How to book the services for the show platform and EUROPEAN ROTORS 365?

  • You can book the digital services through the Online Service Center. If you would like a personalised consulting, please get in contact with us. We’ll be happy to advise you over the phone.

Why should I book the media package standard including EUROPEAN ROTORS 365?

  • The media package standard offers you additional reach without any extra effort. Each of your posts will automatically be also published on EUROPEAN ROTORS 365, will be sent in the personalised newsletter to visitors and will remain online after the show (= your post will perform also after the show). Based on experience, you can double your online reach without any additional effort.

Why should I book an additional package for EUROPEAN ROTORS 365?

  • To optimise the result of your show participation. You invest to have high quality in person contacts at the show. With a package you make sure that the people you met, hear from your company also afterwards. And the best: without any effort from your side – our content team manages your presence on EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 for you.

What do you recommend to book?

  • We recommend being present on all touchpoints with visitors with "similar" intensity. Therefore:
    • Large exhibitors:
      10 - 15 posts (Media package standard & 8 – 13 additional posts)
      Package "your content on EUROPEAN ROTORS every month" / "presenting partner EUROPEAN ROTORS 365"
    • Mid-sized exhibitors:
      4 – 8 posts (= 2 – 6 additional posts) & package "your content on EUROPEAN ROTORS 265 every 2 months"
    • Small exhibitors:
      2 – 4 posts (= Media package standard & 0 – 2 additional posts)

What can I expect form the show platform and EUROPEAN ROTORS 365?

  • EUROPEAN ROTORS show platform:
    • Online up to 3 times as many visitors as on site
    • Typical visitor visits the show platform 3 – 4 times and views 20 – 30 posts of exhibitors.
    • Average post performance: 1'000 – 2'000 impressions, 100 – 200 views, 10 – 30 interactions (contacts, external links clicked, remembered)
    • Top post performance: 10'000 – 20'000 impressions, 1'000 – 1'500 views, 100 – 200 interactions
    • EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 will generate 2 – 3 times as many visitors between events as the show platform generates before the event.
    • Typical post performance on EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 comparable to post performance before the event on show platform.
    • Presence on EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 (Media package standard) will double post performance – without any further effort.

Why do we need another platform?

  • EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 is not "another platform", but a completely new concept. It brings the idea of trade shows online. You can think of it as the "super blog" and "super newsletter" of the industry because it aggregates all the content of the exhibitors. This means for visitors, that they get all the relevant content conveniently on one platform and in one newsletter. All visitors of EUROPEAN ROTORS create a EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 account.

What can I present in my posts?

  • Posts consist of text, a picture gallery (ideal format 16:9, can be cropped in the Conteo Publisher) or a video (hosted on Youtube or Vimeo or transferred to Conteo for hosting), links and a contact person.
  • Further, each post can be linked to one focus topic, one application and one product class.
  • When you link a post to a topic, your post and your exhibitor profile will be displayed on that topic page and be recommended to visitors interested in that topic.

How does the program of EUROPEAN ROTORS work?

  • The program of EUROPEAN ROTORS will be a combination of on-site events and online webinars of exhibitors.
  • The on-site program consists of different conferences, presentations and workshops. A large part of the on-site program will be recorded and published as on-demand content on EUROPEAN ROTORS 365. Experience shows that presentations reach a 5 – 10 times bigger audience through on-demand publication after the show. If you would like to get involved in the on-site program, please get in contact with us.
  • Further you can offer your own webinars, which you will host and produce yourself.

What webinar solution can I use?

  • You organise your webinar yourself. We do recommend that you use either Zoom or Teams, as they are widely used and work well. You can either give people immediate access to your webinar or let them register beforehand.
  • If you choose to also live-steam your webinar, you can do this via Youtube or Vimeo on the show platform.
  • If you book a package for EUROPEAN ROTORS 365, you can publish the video of your webinars as on-demand content on the platform.

How can I interact with visitors that are not on-site?

  • The EUROPEAN ROTORS show platform enables you to present your news, products, innovations, knowhow, etc. to the industry. Main goal is that visitors will attend the show physically and meet you at your booth.
  • Some visitors will not be able to travel to Germany this fall. If they are interested to get in contact with you, they do it how they normally would do it: via email, phone or video call. We recommend that you let interested visitors contact you to arrange 1:1 video calls. Alternatively, you can also have video calls that are continuously open where visitors can just enter.
  • As above, we do recommend Zoom and Teams for video calls as they are widely used and work well.

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