Product Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

Aero Solutions: Elevating Excellence in Aviation Technology

Cobham Aerospace Communications is a leading supplier of airborne avionics systems. Headquartered in Rungis (Paris), we have manufacturing, sales, and support sites in France, the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Denmark.

Cobham Aerospace Communications provides innovative solutions for both civil and military aviation, across virtually every fixed-wing and rotorcraft platform.

Audio-Radio Management Systems
We are a leader in audio-radio management systems for military applications. Our systems comply with the safety and cybersecurity requirements of all international standards, the NATO standards in particular. Our systems can be found on the flagship helicopters of the Defense sector, such as the Airbus H160, EC725 Cougar, AS565 Panther, AS350, and AS355, as well as the Sikorsky S-61 T/N.  We offer SECAL units in 16- and 32-letter variants, as well as several cabin and cargo address systems.  

Our Audio-Radio Control and Display Unit (ARCDU) provides a single point-of-control for all aircraft audio and radio functions.  It's intuitive to use, and features easily-configurable menu pages in a lightweight and compact form factor.  We also offer Selective Calling (SELCAL) units in 16- and 32-letter variants, as well as multiple cabin and cargo address systems.  

Our group offers a wide range of aviation antennas for civilian and military applications. Our technologies cover all communication, safety, navigation, and data link functions for virtually all rotorcraft platforms. We design & manufacture products in Europe and the USA, enabling us to provide full attention to all major clients. 

Rotorcraft OEMs and operators will find a broad selection of Cobham antennas, suitable for all missions, including VHF, V/UHF, VOR/LOC/GS, Glide, Marker, ELT, and ATC/IFF-DME/TACAN variants. 

Cobham Aerospace Communications provides customized solutions for internal and exterior lighting needs for civilian and military/government/special mission rotorcraft.  We can manage any lighting project from nose-to-tail. We are dedicated to producing next-generation lighting solutions to NOD (New Optical Design) standards, and all our lighting solutions are available in white light and infrared modes. 

Our internal lighting options include Cargo, Servicing, Stairway, and Hand Inspection.  External options include Navigation, Anti-collision, Logo, Taxi, Landing, and Search.  


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