AeroLEDs - Shedding Light on Safety

If you want the highest performing LED lighting on your rotorcraft, look no further than AeroLEDs. We are FAA and EASA certified to equip rotorcraft from virtually every major manufacturer to help you save more lives, complete more missions, and get more done.

Our integrated pulse (wigwag) feature provides optimum air to air and air to ground
visibility during extreme operating conditions and negates the need and extra weight
of external pulse light boxes. This feature helps to significantly increase recognition in both broad daylight as well as night operations from up to 30 miles away, aiding in the avoidance of midair collisions and bird strikes. While in operation, this self-contained  pulse function reduces load on the electrical system by 50% as compared to incandescent bulbs. With a 30,000 hour MTBF and a 5-year warranty, AeroLEDs provide improved visibility and reliability when you need it most.

Operating under the highest standard of quality, our manufacturing facility has been
audited by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and has been issued a Parts
Manufacturing Approval (PMA # PQ5259NM). The PMA designation authorizes our facility to produce and sell approved FAA-PMA LED lighting products directly to aircraft operators and aircraft parts distributors. AeroLEDs landing and taxi lights are Part 27 and Part 29 STC approved for installation on over 600 aircraft makes and models. AeroLEDs PMA articles are direct replacements for OEM lights and require only a logbook entry per 14 CFR Part 43 §43.9.