Airlink 3085IA Wireless Audio Communication System

Adaptable to any wired headset or helmet. DECT Technoloy which allows full-duplex communication up to 300meters Lot of features and possible settings.

AirLink3085 composition:

  • One base station connected to the A ircraft I ntercom S ystem
  • Ensure the audio mixing of all the mobile stations
  • Ensure the audio interface with the Aircraft
  • Adaptable to any aircraft on the spot by adapter
  • Up to 8 mobile stations
  • Adaptable to any flying helmet or headset
  • Available in an integrated headset


The mobile unit:

  • Adaptable to every headset or helmet
  • Removable battery pack
  • Up to 16h autonomy
  • Fully waterproof: IP 68
  • Vocal announcement
  • Microphone noise canceling
  • Large display with backlight
  • Adjustable VOX based on voice detection
  • Cockpit isolation options
  • NVG ready
  • Profile selection: equipment can be customized to each user