Product Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

Airwolf TT Straps: Always in stock with Lower prices High quality

Airwolf offers TT straps for various helicopters like Bell 206, 204, 205, UH-1, Enstrom 480 & 280/F28 with NSN approval. Also, upcoming straps for H145, EC145, BK117, BO-105. UH-1 TT Straps have DLA NSN Source Approval (NSN 3040-01-299-8100).

Technically Superior

  • 48 and 36 Month straps  / 1,200 Hour Life
  • First PMA/STC TT Strap 
  • Airwolf was the first Company to Extend the TT Strap Calendar Life.
  • Bell 206 TT straps now have twice the calendar life and are half the cost than prior to the Airwolf PMA/STC 
  • Airwolf TT Straps are FAA Approved on their own merits by “Testing & Computation.”
  • Airwolf TT Straps are made using our proprietary dry wind process using individually lubricated wires, creating a much softer, better long-life strap assembly.