Applus+ Laboratories, aims to be the testing and certification backbone of the drone and rotorcraft industry

What’s the key to reliability and high safety standards in the drone industry? Testing, certification, and engineering solutions. Applus+ Laboratories' main pillars!

Thanks to our diverse capabilities and multi-technological expertise, we work as EU Notified Body Nr. 0370 for Regulation (EU) 945/2019 to ensure the compliance and high quality of drones in Open and Specific categories, allowing manufacturers to gain EU market access 

When it comes to eVTOLS and rotorcrafts, growing industry players, our multi-technological capabilities allow us to supply testing solutions for the following components and systems:  

  • Airborne equipment (RTCA DO-160) 
  • Batteries (RTCA DO 311) 
  • E-Motors  
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Structures and Materials 
  • UAS controllability and maneuverability (Flight Tests) 

Our testing expertise and partnerships enable both indoor and flight testing. If we got your eye and would like to get more insight and precision into what we do, please stop by our official Drones & UAM website or get in touch with one of our industry experts.