ARTEMIS: Family of Equipment

ARTEMIS has been designed by Smith Myers in-house and specifically for the task at hand. Everything in ARTEMIS is Smith Myers intellectual property. We do not buy in any hardware or software. It is all our design.

Over 30 years of cellular engineering design experience give Smith Myers a unique advantage in producing systems that offer accuracy, reliability and ease of use to an industry that demands the very best that technology can offer. 

Smith Myers’ auto triangulation algorithm achieves impressive accuracy deriving a latitude and longitude fix without the need for complex antenna arrays. This makes integration simple and economical. 

Flight tests have successfully located and communicated with test mobiles at ranges in excess of 30km.

​Embedded mapping with simple clear D.I. display gives the operator a clear indication of target location, even in low light/EMC conditions. Using our comprehensive API the track can be displayed on the mission system map and used to cue other sensors such as the automatically slew of the EO/IR turret. 

​With RTCA-DO160-G options for rotary, fixed-wing, manned and unmanned platforms, ARTEMIS offers customers a full and flexible range of capability for any ariel platform.