ARTEMIS Mobile Phone Identification, location and communication system

The Choice of Professionals - Unmatchable speed, range and accuracy. A comprehensive airborne mobile phone detection, location and communication solution empowering various applications, including Search and Rescue, Border Control, Maritime Patrol, Disaster Response, Law Enforcement & Defence.

ARTEMIS eschews traditional direction-finding techniques which are often slow, less accurate over long ranges, impacted by environmental factors and demand multiple antennas. Instead, it relies on two independent and proprietary Cellular Geolocation methods and just two small blade antennas.

Unlike other DF based systems, this means that ARTEMIS can rapidly detect, locate, and communicate with thousands of mobile phones using just a single SDR.  Don’t be fooled that more channels equals greater capacity.  Our unmatchable processing speed outpaces all of our competitors by a magnitude.

The extensive knowledge and expertise of the Smith Myers team have produced a range of industry leading equipment that outperforms any other system in size, weight, range, speed and accuracy.

These efforts have been repeatedly rewarded by Artemis’s selection by major SAR agencies around the world.

Smith Myers ARTEMIS – The choice of professionals.