AUK Protection

AUK Protection is a Swedish brand that aligns itself with the user to get the job done. Several new products for this year, such as a flame retardant two-piece flight suit and new HEMS clothing, drop by and check out our new garments.

We're excited to introduce several new products this year, including a flame-retardant two-piece flight suit and a fresh line of HEMS clothing. Come and experience our latest garments for yourself.

AUK Protection was founded in 2011 as a reaction to the lack of quality in pilot equipment. We had serious grievances. It was very personal.

Heavily inspired by User Centered Design, scientific research, and high-performance fabrics, we went into live prototyping with various aircrews throughout Scandinavia.

More than a decade later, we provide garments and accessories for men and women of the air. Based on our core values – safety, comfortability, functionality, and style – we develop high-performance garments designed for the unique working conditions of our trade. It’s still very personal.

More Information about us: - origins - our world