Product Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2022

Autonomously triggered rescue system as enabler for enhanced VTOL operations

valAIRion Smart Drone Rescue System enables you to exploit the full potential of unmanned VTOL applications - increase coverage, make more complex and wide-ranging operations possible. Get an impression of this ground risk mitigation possibility and our flight tests on a 150kg VTOL UAS.

ESG has developed an automated emergency landing procedure for reducing ground risk in case of a malfunctioning or crash of the UAV. The main focus of valAIRion is to enable more complex and wide-ranging drone applications, like Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) operations over sparsely populated areas. Through highly reliable ground risk mitigation. Always having an eye on and in accordance with current EU regulations. Furthermore, the system can be used for risk reduction during flight tests - protecting the aircraft payload and valuable instrumentation.

The modular valAIRion system consists of:

(1) The trigger module as the intelligent core of the system. It represents an avionic-system-independent module for detecting emergency situations and triggering the rescue (parachute) system. With its autonomous and innovative flight attitude sensor system and DAL C design, a very high reliability can be assured.

(2) A tube container holding and launching the parachute. By achieving a mechanic release of the parachute, no risks appear due to potentially hazardous pyrotechnics. This system is certified according to ultralight planes rescue chutes (RG-UL) NfL 2-366-17 as an acknowledged certification in SORA.

(3) An optional geocaging solution. Especially for higher risk operations leading to SORA SAIL IV, latest EASA rules also require independent geocaging. ESG therefore uses its experience in the development of certified geocaging devices up to DAL B level for military applications to derive a civil geogacing version, which is currently being developed.

The lightweight valAIRion system is currently designed for MTOWs of 150kg and 245kg. It can be adapted to various types of unmanned aircraft systems - VTOL rotary or fixed wing aircrafts with MTOW from 25 to 500kg or more on request.

Have a look at the video, which shows how a 150kg VTOL UAS, the UMS R-350, was intentionally crashed by activating the flight termination system. It has successfully been caught by our rescue system. This integration test was part of our design verification review (DVR) process with EASA, we are currently running through.

At a glance - valAIRion allows you to:

  • Protect UAVs, equipment and people on the ground
  • Gain up to 2 risk mitigation credits in SORA
  • Enable new, unique, and high-risk BVLOS UAV operations

With years of experience as system provider for safety-critical aviation systems and extensive expertise in creating unmanned technology solutions, ESG as aviation organisation embodies an experienced backbone for well thought-out and reliable rescue systems.

We invite you to get a more thorough impression within our presentation (on Wednesday, 9th November, Stage 3 UAV Dach Session) and / or on our Website.