Bell 429 Makes a Difference for Business

For business owner Christian Gastón Palmaz, managing Palmaz Vineyards in Napa California, Genesee Valley Ranch in Genesee California, and Vactronix Scientific in Silicon Valley, California, traveling became a time-consuming task. That was, at least, until Palmaz’s recent purchase of a Bell 429.

“As a multi-business owner, I am often called to attend various meetings spread across our different businesses. We once spent hours of our day in a car trying to get between our business units. With the Bell 429, we can now easily travel between our properties without the added travel time,” said Palmaz. “I like the flexibility of being able to decide that same day that I would like to visit one of our facilities, and we are ‘wheels up’ in 30 minutes.”

The Bell 429 is an ideal aircraft for comfortable business travel, with spacious cabin seating for six people and abundant leg room. Not only do passengers fly with ease, but with BasixPro avionics and satellite-based guidance systems on intuitive displays, operators have access to critical information while in flight that gets them to their location safely.

For Palmaz, some of the most appealing aspects of the Bell 429 are its safety and speed. “The Bell 429 is as smooth at a hover as it is at 148 knots. It’s incredibility quick and efficient,” said Palmaz. “We are able to get to where we need to go, all while in a safe, comfortable, fast and reliable aircraft.”

While managing his businesses and creating innovative experiences for customers is important for Palmaz, being able to spend more time with his family was the key reason that he chose the Bell 429.

“Having the ability to sit down and enjoy dinner together at the end of the workday is very important to us. With three generations of the Palmaz family working at our businesses, we create products that bring people together around the table, so we really value that,” said Palmaz. “The best thing that the Bell 429 has given us is the ability to spend more time together.”

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