BUCHER Lightening the Load & Adding Value

Bucher’s innovative combination of select materials allows operators to reduce every unnecessary gram of weight and make optimal use of available space. Rolf Kraus, Director Sales & Programs MIC, Medical Systems, shared his insights into the field of police aviation units.

Equiping the aircraft with increasing flexible and modular systems


Q. Have you seen demand for equipment onboard police helicopters increase in recent years as forces have invested in their fleet’s mission capabilities?
A. We have witnessed an increase in police forces looking for modularity and the ability to expand their mission profile without limiting their existing profiles. We
have now developed a flexible and modular system for air rescue, our AC67 flex,which police forces can also use for rescue missions and remain adaptable due tothe 100 per cent single-equipment option within the helicopter’s mission profiles.
Q. Is there a standard set of equipment you fit onboard police helicopters, and how is this set customisable for a particular unit’s mission parameters?
A. As described above, we have developed the AC67 flex to be a complete one-equipment EMS kit. As it can be scaffolded within 20 minutes and equipped within
10 minutes, the operator’s existing mission profiles are not affected. 

Q. User feedback is key to ongoing product evolution and improvement. Have aerial law enforcement units been active in engaging with you to discuss developing the products they need? 

A. First and foremost, we are constantly in close contact with many air rescue organisations that make use of our products, and such communication is key to ongoing product refinement and innovation. It is partly because of these relationships with providers of air rescue services that we can provide a fully functional HEMS kit that meets the needs of police aviation operations as well. We have focused on rescue missions with the AC67 flex. However, we are used to adapting our equipment to other mission profiles with appropriate customisation options, and are always open to receive specific requests from operators.