Concorde Battery Corporation manufactures versatile RG-380E/44: Airbus , Bell , Sikorsky and many others

Concorde Battery's RG-380E Series is available in 38A, 42A, 46A, 48A, and 53A. Available in fire-resistant and fireproof containers, with and without temperature sensor mounting plates. Certified installations in hundreds of aircraft.

Concorde’s superior Platinum Series®  batteries have been proven reliable, durable and safe in turbine aircraft applications for decades. Concorde’s valve regulated sealed 
recombinant gas (RG®) Turbine Starting aircraft batteries are constructed with advanced lead acid, absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology.

  • Dual Purpose – Reliable emergency or superior main starting power
  • Low impedance design – Less internal resistance
  • Maintenance Free – No water replenishment is required
  • Proprietary PolyGuard®  Separators – Added protection against shock & vibration
  • Proven Technology – Dependable, durable and safe
  • Safe – No threat of thermal runaway & no deep cycling
  • Transport – Ship Hazmat Exempt whether by land, sea or air
  • TSO Approved – FAA TSO-C173 approved
  • Worldwide – Available through a professional network of worldwide distributors

Concorde Batteries are 100% recyclable, saving them from landfills and protecting our planet Earth.