Concorde Battery Corporation RG-641 certified via ESTC, STC and TCCA for installation on Enstrom Helicopter 480/480B

EASA STC 10077027 & FAA STC SR01067DE approves installation of Concorde Battery RG-641, lead acid main battery, on Enstrom 480/480B models. RG-641 has been designed as a drop-in replacement for the original equipment lead acid battery on the helicopter; no kit or hardware is required.

The 24 Volt, 17Ah, battery is built to Concorde’s precise standards as an ISO 9001 + AS9100 manufacturer. The result is a proven product of reliability and safety, fully tested and installation ready. Built with advanced lead acid technology, the RG-641 features proprietary PolyGuard® separators, added protection against vibration, superior sustained starting and the premium performance you can always expect from RG® Platinum Series® sealed lead acid batteries.

ESTC 10077027 & STC SR01067DE and RG-641 are now available through Concorde’s worldwide distribution network ready to ship Hazmat exempt via land, sea or air. Concorde Batteries are 100% recyclable, keeping them out of landfills and helping to save our planet Earth.