Connect & Control

Airborne LINX - Ready for the future with Airborne Technologies' independent Mission Management System. It connects all sensors and communication systems on board any aircraft. Airborne Surveillance gets a new dimenson.



A special mission helicopter is not unique because of one system or component, but more importantly, how all the systems and components correctly integrate and interconnect to perform as a single unit. Airborne LINX is the over-arching system that unites each complex piece of equipment on board into an easy-to-operate workplace in the sky.



The software controlling all relevant sensors and components of the system runs on a special, inhouse designed mission computer. It manages all the pieces but stays in the background. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the Mission Management Unit (MMU) that allows the operator to control the full architecture on a simple-to-use touchscreen. Embedded either in an ergonomic workstation or running on a tablet, the MMU enables the operator to simplify the management of sensors, C2 systems and screens. The overriding aim is to keep the flow of information simple while allowing the crew to concentrate on actual tasks. A fully customized and ergonomic workstation optimizes the operator convenience. Such an “allin-one” carbon fibre operator desk is installed in the cabin on quick release plates that enable easy roll-on/roll-off.


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