Connecting Operations and Safety

Air Maestro and Spidertracks have merged to create a unified front in enhancing safety and operational efficiency and addressing unserved needs in the aviation industry.

As the industry moves to replace paper based procedures with software, many operators are forced between a decision to either assemble a number of software solutions, or develop their own costly custom solution. 

For those that are making that initial step, we are now hearing a strong message; the need for integration, flexibility, and connectedness. Operators are demanding fewer vendors with expanded capabilities, explains Aleks Banas, CEO of the newly-merged business combining Air Maestro and Spidertracks.

They are unifying their world-renowned platforms to provide aviators and operators around the world with a software solution that leverages the strengths of each company’s offerings. And expand the suite of services available to customers that will deliver unparalleled value to the market.


“We saw the potential for a globally-connected operations and safety platform,” explains Banas. “Our combined business is the only vendor in the world that can truly provide an end-to-end solution for safety, operations, and fleet management.”

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of implementing these solutions, especially in the areas of SMS management, Operational Management, Incident Reporting, and access to critical flight data and information.

Air Maestro, a leading SaaS provider of critical safety management systems, flight operations, and training solutions, has been supporting aviation operators since 2005. Its comprehensive Operational and Safety Management System is trusted by the globe’s most dynamic aviation Operators.

Spidertracks empowers the aviation industry with real-time aircraft management and proactive safety decisions. Committed to enhancing aviation safety, Spidertracks assists thousands of aviators worldwide to ensure their teams return home safely every day. COO Steve Whitaker further explains the value in bringing together two market leaders.

“As a merger of highly-reputable and well-established companies, we are now one of the largest global players in the space, offering the most comprehensive and capable suite of solutions to the commercial aviation market,” he says. “Our combined team is now working to provide our global customer base with combined solutions that build on the respective strengths of each company’s existing products. And while we’re thrilled at our current combined capabilities, we are moving forward at pace to realize the benefits that can come from connecting your fleet, team, workflows, and suppliers.”

Selecting the right solution is key to meeting the unique and ever-evolving needs of a business. It will future-proof the longevity and sustainability of operations for many years to come.

Learn more about Air Maestro and Spidertracks by visiting their websites. Get connected today, for a safer tomorrow.