Service Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

Custom solutions by Fichtner & Schicht

Through vertical integration and diverse expertise, we drive individual solutions for innovative electroforming and tool making. Our custom aviation solutions lead the way in delivering excellence.

Fichtner & Schicht stands out as a medium-sized company due to our exceptional vertical integration and mastery of a wide array of diverse technologies.

Aligned with our forward-thinking vision of achieving sustainable mobility, we actively translate our goals into tangible achievements. Our strength lies in the harmonious collaboration of experienced project managers, precise toolmaking, a modern metalworking facility, versatile model crafting, and highly skilled electronics engineers—all contributing substantial value to our clientele. Our 'Custom Solutions' sector exhibits annual growth as we collaborate closely with our customers to implement sophisticated, tailored solutions. A prime illustration is our cutting-edge measuring device for rotating components, where all our departments seamlessly cooperate, from initial design to the final testing phase.

Our unique solutions garner appreciation not only within the automotive and aviation sectors but also in the food industry and among household appliance manufacturers. Creative problem-solving and a commitment to solution-focused collaboration are the driving forces behind our success.


At Fichtner & Schicht, we prioritize delivering exceptional support to our aviation clients right from the outset. Manufacturing erosion control caps demands meticulous attention to detail. Achieving perfect rotor blade size and aerodynamics involves careful planning, including precisely coordinated technical specifications and well-timed project management.

Our constant goal is to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and valuable advice. We are synonymous with excellence and precision in production. Achieving a technically flawless product in collaboration with our clients is a source of immense pride for us.

Our portfolio includes the following areas:

  • Electroforming
  • Toolmaking
  • Model and Gauge Making
  • Steel & Plant Construction
  • Quality Management

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