Product Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2022

Fabspace hangar - the perfect hangar solution

Unlimited in size. Unique in design: Fabspace hangars offers solutions between 250m² to 3000m², at the same time we design and produce individual hangar solutions, as individuality is part of our philosophy. Installable on every type of ground and resisting roughest weather requirements.

We offer standard hangar models between 250m² to 3000m², but we also design and produce individual hangar solutions, as individuality is part of our philosophy. 

 Fabspace mobile hangars can be fixed on every type of ground, even without building permit, due to different and more simple regulations for „mobile“ buildings. 

Where we started

At Fabspace hangars we started in 2009, as architects with a passion for innovative and sometimes unconventional solutions. We set out to design an aircraft hangar that would meet the requirements of a large aircraft object, yet be mobile and temporary. Also, we wanted it to be an object that is readily available, easy to handle, and quick to set up.  Our initial vision was to design a beautiful object that meets all the requirements for the protection of aircraft and can be installed on any surface. The FABSPACE hangar was born.  

Our current position 

Since then, we have evolved to a globally recognized player for the design and manufacturing of tent and hangar solutions, with a clear growth strategy. Besides our unique design approach and superior usability and mobility, we develop products for our customers that meet and outperform the roughest requirements mother earth puts on them.  Our vision  We aim for setting new standards – in reliability, mobility and innovation – for mobile tent and hangar solutions. In our segment, we define the future for a series of applications in defense and aviation, together with our customers, at a global scale. 

Product information

Our hangar solutions are an innovative and ideal hangar solution, as it is possible to install almost every equipment and installations like cranes, offices, AC, etc. It also comes with standard lightning equipment and a foldable gate, other gate types are also possible. To be self-sustaining we can install solar panels. 

Fabspace hangar solutions are fully certified as a hangar and they fulfill all requirements. 

We offer innovative hangars in every size and design, temporary and permanent solutions. The high quality membrane, which is made by the Swiss company Serge Ferrari, resists wind-speeds up to 150km/h (or more if it is necessary) and snow or sand weight up to 150kg/m² (or more if it is necessary). 

 Every part of the construction of the hangar fits in normal 20“ or 40“ containers. 

Fabspace hangars are quickly produced and ready for operation and also earthquake-proofed.  

 Temporary hangar solution: Fabspace hangars are „temporary“, they don’t need any building permission. But although they are „temporary“ you can use it as permanent solution. 

Fabspace hangars are not comparable with a tent or any other inflatable building. We have calculated statics and our hangars hold up strong winds and heavy weather conditions. The core of our hangars is a galvanized steel construction which is covered by a membrane. 


  • Production and delivery time: Our standard hangars V_01 to V_06 have a production and delivery time of 2 to 6 months. 

Assembly time: Fabspace hangars can be assembled quickly by your staff between 1 to 4 weeks. 

Constructions: The steel construction and membrane are produced by European norms and the hangar comes with all certifications. (EN1090.2)