Product Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2022

Flight Control Systems for Advanced Air Mobility

Diehl Aviation’s expertise from cockpit to cabin enables eVTOL manufacturers to bring Advanced Air Mobility to life. Our innovative, cost and weight optimized products offer a huge benefit to manufacturers and operators.

Back in spring 2020, Diehl Aerospace signed a cooperation agreement with Volocopter for the development and production of flight control computers (FCC) for eVTOL air taxis. A joint venture between Diehl Aviation and Thales, the company has decades of experience in avionics, cabin systems and aircraft electronics. This marks Diehl Aviation's successful entry into the urban air mobility market segment. With the VoloCity model, Volocopter has one of the first eVTOL aircraft already in the certification process for commercial use. Here, Diehl contributes its entire experience and expertise in the development and production of innovative flight control computers and safety-critical avionics systems.

It is the all-electric power supply for the engines and systems that forms the basis of the eVTOLs. In this context, optimized power supply management and a highly reliable avionics architecture are crucial. In aviation, modular avionics systems with a multifunctional performance spectrum have been in use for a long time.

Here, experience in equipping helicopters in particular is of key importance. After all, the limited installation space and high requirements for low weight have always posed a challenge. For modern eVTOLs, the requirements are even higher, meaning that new approaches to system architecture are necessary. Already today, Diehl is able to realize modular computer systems for AAM solutions. These are multifunctional and scalable while ensuring safe flight operations. Absolutely essential and safety-critical functions such as energy and vehicle management as well as flight control can be implemented in a cost-optimized manner. For low operating costs, over the entire life cycle of the products, are one of the essential parameters to a successful introduction of eVTOLs.

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