FlySight showcases OPENSIGHT®

Real-time situational awareness, mission planning and debriefing software. OPENSIGHT® brings enhanced situational awareness to your cockpit: the multi-platform PED (Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination) system created to provide the best support in decision making.

At this stage, having an ‘eye in the sky’ is integral in any kind of planned missions and emergency services. Whether identifying a suspect vehicle on an open road or seeking and locating an injured person in a remote area, the automatic target detection classification and identification are not only accepted but they represent an essential part of daily operations. Additionally, the advent of Artificial Intelligence that can use adaptive learning techniques to organically expand its database is an even more critical advancement, a real revolution for the helicopter participation in both civilian and military operations.

FlySight provides software solutions for real-time Decision Support Systems (DSSs), exploiting cutting-edge technologies in remote sensing, signal processing and big data analytics, managing georeferenced information using spatial databases. The solutions proposed are based on AI approaches by the usage of the latest cognitive signal processing and adaptive data fusion algorithms. FlySight applications are researched and targeted for avionics, naval and underwater sectors, guaranteeing geospatial situational awareness both for the on-ground and the on-board segments. 

OPENSIGHT® is the FlySight software suite conceived to develop and empower innovative solutions for mission planning, execution, and debriefing. Thanks to OPENSIGHT®, system integrators can manage information in a synthetic environment for a significantly improved geospatial situational awareness. OPENSIGHT® enables flexible, customised solutions for system integrators and end-users in civil defence, police, military, and civilian industrial asset management. 

Offered as a Software Development Kit, OPENSIGHT® is designed to accept extensions with Augmented Reality System and Automatic Target Recognition tool. Further turnkey solutions, ready to be installed, have been developed to address specific operational needs in defined mission scenarios. OPENSIGHT® allows both the adoption of original solutions from scratch and the integration of new fundamental capabilities in an existing legacy environment in order to:

?    process data from heterogeneous sensors (Electro-optical, Infrared, Hyperspectral, Radar, LIDAR, SONAR) in real time;

?     layer information from multiple warfighting functions on 3D map displays or on Augmented Reality views;

?    share information and commands, providing all the parties involved with a real-time common view of the scenarios.

To learn more about all the possible applications of OPENSIGHT®, its features and the steady improvements it could offer to your avionics system, the FlySight team will be available during European Rotors with live demonstrations.

✨Take the chance to view our disruptive tool and how it works live, e.g., to manage on-board sensors data or to fuse satellite imagery with real-time video from airborne platforms. Live the future now and enjoy the ultimate flight experience with OPENSIGHT® and FlySight!