Service Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

Full Ice Protection System (FIPS)

Have you ever thought about equipping with a FIPS monitoring system? Flying in icy conditions has always been a significant safety threat for helicopter operators, often leading to the suspension and cancellation of flights.

Leonardo Helicopters developed a comprehensive protection system known as FIPS, which stands for "Full Ice Protection System", designed for light and medium-category helicopters. The AW139 was among the first intermediate helicopters to enter the market equipped with FIPS.

The FIPS system allows helicopters to operate safely in known ice formation conditions. This is achievable due to the system comprising an ice formation detection sensor, specialized heated grids on the turbine air intakes, a windshield de-icing system, and a rotor blade heating system.

At Isati, experts in helicopter maintenance, we also offer a FIPS monitoring plan.

FIPS Monitoring Plan: Isati's Support Team

To ensure the proper application of this system, Isati has a specialized team dedicated to monitoring the FIPS System.

The team's goal is to provide timely assistance to clients in resolving malfunctions, ensuring safety and reliability of the system in challenging weather conditions.

To achieve this objective, our team is available for support via the internet within a maximum of 24 hours, led by an experienced FIPS Manager and a Specialist. Procedures are designed to be minimally intrusive, aimed at reducing system downtime and maintaining reasonable costs for the client.

FIPS Manager and Specialist: Responsibilities

The FIPS Manager is responsible for:

➤ Managing communication with clients

➤ Identifying and monitoring all FIPS system data provided by the client in a defined standard format, to ensure proper system assessment

➤ Providing a summary of collected data to the FIPS Specialist for further analysis

➤ When necessary, supporting the FIPS Specialist in analysis and issue resolution.

The FIPS Specialist, also possessing in-depth system knowledge, is responsible for:

➤ Promptly and accurately analyzing FIPS data provided by clients and prepared by the FIPS Manager

➤ Continuously and precisely evaluating the system's conditions in detail

➤ In the event of a deviation from the trend, promptly communicating with the client with specific instructions

➤ In case of a FIPS error, providing precise procedures for issue resolution.

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