H125/H130 D-Level structural repair approval for Heliswiss Ibérica in Spain

Heliswiss Iberica has been approved by Airbus Helicopters for H125/H130 D-Level structural repair, becoming a unique company with such capacities in European continent

Heliswiss Iberica, located at Sabadell airport near Barcelona (Spain), joined Airbus Helicopters’ repair and service centre network in 2022. It proposes a large range of aircraft repair and maintenance services, as well as engine services.

Since September 2022, Heliswiss Iberica has been approved to perform D-Level structural repairs on H125/H130 aircraft, offering operators of light single-engine helicopters a further degree of proximity for in-house support, or support onsite at customer premises.

To extend its support, Heliswiss Iberica is developing additional capabilities which will be progressively deployed.