Product Highlight

India's 1st & World's Most Compact Flying Taxi

Ever wished to just fly past traffic and reach your destination in a jiffy? Well, we're on a mission to make door-to-door flying a reality! To alleviate on-road traffic congestion in cities globally, we're building the world's most compact flying electric taxi for 10x faster intra-city commute.

We, The ePlane Company are in pursuit of developing India’s first and the world’s most compact flying electric taxi, designed for up to 10 times faster intra-city commute and cargo transport. Incubated at IIT Madras, Chennai in 2019, The ePlane Company was founded by Professor Satya Chakravarthy with a vision to make flying ubiquitous.

As an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) startup, we aim to alleviate on-road traffic congestion in cities worldwide by offering safe, sustainable and affordable flying experiences through our flagship product, The ePlane e200. We intend to make door-to-door flying a reality and potentially revolutionise the way we currently commute, thereby helping people save a significant amount of time every day.

The world is quickly inclining towards the ‘As A Service’ model and we are positioned in a manner to cater to the diverse market needs of an innovative yet easily certifiable and affordable product along with meeting the needs of the modern urban commuter through a flexible & efficient commute system.

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