Internet connectivity for Helicopters

ESG's Mobile Network integration enables full internet access by connecting to a 4G mobile network during flight. The solution provides ethernet connections for your mission equipment or handheld devices via a built-in switch, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity through an on-board hot spot.


The advantage of being a team is that everyone can bring in his unique skills while working on a common goal. But how can you achieve that?
Being able to communicate, exchange information and having a shared view of the scenario are the particular keys to success especially when working on a mission
in real time. With ESG’s LTE integration you can share the situational picture you have in the helicopter with every team member on the ground and the forces on the ground can share their detailed view using their mobile devices. You can access your information server any time in fl ight if an urgent request comes up, or you have to perform routine checks. Dedicated cybersecurity features can be implemented on request in order to allow an integration into your individual command & control network (e.g. police IT infrastructure, secured company network, ...). Finally, you can bring all the information (team member’s view, background information, position on map etc.) together and make them accessible for every team member using a tactical cooperation software.


Business is moving fast in a connected world. Travelling with a helicopter addresses the basic business need of saving time. But imagine if you could even be up-to-date on all new developments during these transit times. With ESG’s LTE Integration, you have full internet
connectivity during your flight.

You forgot to download crucial information for your presentation?
No problem, connect securly to your server with your laptop.

You have to follow the development of your latest acquisitions on the stock market?
Follow it on your mobile device connected to the WiFi-Hotspot in the aircraft.

You just want to sit and relax with an online game or entertain the kids?
Connect your tablet to the Wi-Fi.

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