LCR-350B Ultimate safety under the most demanding of conditions

As a specialist for inertial systems, we work hard at continuously reducing the size, weight, and power consumption of our solutions. This is why we are uncompromising when it comes to quality and safety.

Based on MEMS-technology gyroscopes and accelerometers, the LCR-350B AHRS delivers ultimate reliability under the most challenging operational conditions. Intensive research and development at LITEF have given rise to a product that - in a compact housing and with light weight - delivers superlative performance and ultimate protection against high-frequency radiation (e.g., radar).

Compared to equivalent systems based on MEMS technology, the LCR-350B provides enhanced precision and resistance to vibration right across the entire operational range. As well as the heading & attitude angle, the LCR-350B outputs physically robust acceleration and rotation data, so it delivers an attractive solution for use in all kinds of aircraft and helicopters.

The system obtains its heading reference from an external magnetometer. Whenever GNSS data is supplied to the system, it can also output hybrid navigation data with a high bandwidth and low noise. The LCR-350B outputs its signals across an ARINC 429 interface to the cockpit system and, if required, it gives the pilot the option of switching into free inertial heading mode (DG mode).

The LCR-350B supplements the existing fibre optic AHRS systems from LITEF and is certified in accordance with ETSO/TSO C-201.