Product Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2022

Leonardo A109C, A109E, A119, AW119MKII Certified Lead Acid Battery

FAA STC SR09360RC, Brazil STC 2012S02-14, Canada STC SH10-18 Main Battery Upgrade – Saft 2778-1 (24V, 27Ah) is replaced with RG-407 (24V, 27Ah). Learn more in this article.


  • Lower cost of acquisition
  • Reduced cost per flight hour
  • No deep cycling requirement
  • No replacement of parts
  • Hazmat Exempt

STC provides for the installation of Concorde valve regulated sealed lead
acid (VRSLA) battery in place of the original equipment 27 ampere hour nickel cadmium battery. Aircraft that do not have the 27 Ah configuration must be upgraded to the 27 Ah standard mounting configuration before implementing the STC. Lead acid batteries do not require a temperature sensor therefore the existing over temperature system is stowed.