LIDAR rapid prototyping from Air Covers

Air Covers adds latest Faro handheld Lidar scanner for rapid prototyping and design to their fleet of scanners. On site to despatched product now achievable in less than 48hrs for urgent operational requests.

Air Covers Ltd (A-08), the leading supplier of environmental protective covers, will be demonstrating their latest rapid prototyping tool. The handheld Lidar scanner is an addition to a fleet of scanners which allow their designers to travel anywhere and produce designs within days. Their CNC and machining workshop then supplies mm-exact covers, blanks, plugs and textile accessories. For Urgent Operational Requests (UOR) this process can be less than 48hrs from on-site scan to despatched product.

Scott Lawrenson, designer at Air Covers commented ‘This tool gives me access to the hardest to reach parts -the belly of a helicopter, MRH well openings, transmission shafts and NACA ducts. In the first month of use we had designed an engine deck cover for the Swedish Police Bell 429 aircraft. The cover, which protects exhausts and intakes, has an exact-fitting blanking arrangement for the MRH well to prevent snow and icing. After 6 months Arctic testing, the operator placed an order for 11 cover sets.”