Discover Lifeseeker: The leader system on Airborne Phone Location Technology. For the fields of Emergency, Security, Defense, and Aerospace. It maximizes missions in which every second counts.

Lifeseeker, is dedicated to making a difference in the field of Search and Rescue (SAR). Our airborne phone location system is a game-changer in emergency situations.

Lifeseeker is designed to accurately locate missing persons through their mobile phones, even in areas with no network coverage. It’s versatile and can be used on various aerial platforms, both manned (planes and helicopters) and unmanned (UAVs/drones).

Our device transforms phones into emergency beacons, guiding Search and Rescue teams directly to the missing person’s exact location. In missions where every second counts, Lifeseeker maximizes efficiency by swiftly locating the person in need.

We are proud to share that our system has been used in hundreds of successful missions globally. We have over 35 end users who have reported positive outcomes using Lifeseeker.

We invite you to watch a testimonial video from the Swiss Air Force, one of our esteemed users who have experienced the benefits of Lifeseeker firsthand.

For more information about Lifeseeker and how it’s revolutionizing SAR operations, please visit our website: Lifeseeker