Logistics Excellence: Safeguarded Shipments with ALG's Global Precision

The Aerospace Logistics Group (ALG) is a worldwide organisation specialising in support services to the aerospace industry, from time critical AOG and OBC services to engine and helicopter transportation, global and local distribution, and full international logistics services.

Global specialists, local experts

ALG is a global organization offering expertise at a local, personalized level.  Our members are your local partner, able to handle your important helicopter shipments with care and flexibility.  From lightweight or heavy-duty helicopters, rotors to small parts, our team is at your service.  

Our ALG teams use the proper equipment necessary for helicopter moves, from cranes, forklifts, and slings to rigging equipment.  They are prepared to work with any required permits and comply with various regulations; this may involve obtaining oversized load permits for road transportation, adhering to aviation security protocols, and following guidelines for transporting hazardous materials if applicable. We make sure to consider the specific regulations and requirements of each jurisdiction and transport route.

At ALG, safety is paramount when moving helicopters. Our teams adhere to rigorous safety protocols, risk assessments, and they have been properly trained. ALG members give focused attention to load balancing, to securing the helicopter during transportation, and to mitigating any potential risks to personnel, equipment, or the environment.

As with any heavy lift logistics operation, it’s crucial to consult with experienced professionals who have expertise in aircraft engine and helicopter transport to ensure the safe and efficient movement of your heavy lift cargo. The ALG teams are ready to assist you.

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