Making Data Accessible

By leveraging more than 14 years of expertise in the aviation industry, Spidertracks’ end–to-end solution gives aircraft owners and operators an accessible entry into FDM.

When Spidertracks launched Virtual FDR (Flight Data Recording) in 2019, it gave operators in General Aviation access to real-time aircraft tracking through a dedicated Iridium® satellite channel. Users can virtually watch an aircraft on its flight path and no region or area in the world is too remote.

Building on their Virtual FDR technology, Spidertracks have added even more capability to their feature suite. Insights is a visual dashboard that collects a range of data and gives teams the ability to know exactly how your aircraft are flying. The data is transferred automatically and wirelessly upon landing. Insights enables operators to take on a proactive, rather than reactive approach to safety, revolutionising a sector that once relied on cumbersome, clunky and expensive technology to understand incidents only after they occurred. 

Their Spider X hardware makes flight data accessible. The sleek plug-and-play hardware unit is effortless to install in an aircraft and simple to use.  What systems do you and your team have in place to help identify unsafe events objectively in your operations?