Meet Alberto: From Santander to Emden, a Journey of Excellence

Alberto's story is one of determination, growth, and a pursuit of excellence. Hailing from Santander, Spain, he embarked on his aviation journey in his hometown, specializing in helicopter maintenance.

Fast-forward to March 2015, and Alberto took flight with HeliService in Emden as an apprentice. What followed is a testament to the incredible opportunities that young professionals can find in the aviation field.

Alberto's path at HeliService has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting as an apprentice, he quickly transitioned into a mechanic role. As he honed his skills, he earned his helicopter licenses, including the coveted BK117C1 and AB169. Today, he proudly carries the title of a certifying Staff Cat. B1.3 and hoist operator.

Alberto's passion for aviation is rooted in the pursuit of perfection. In the aviation industry, precision is key, and he thrives in this environment where every task must meet the highest standards. What he treasures most about HeliService is the exceptional team and the warm, welcoming atmosphere that surrounds him.

Thanks to his 21-21 plan, Alberto enjoys a great work-life-balance as he spends 21 days working in Emden, followed by 21 days back home. It's a schedule that offers both career fulfillment and quality time with loved ones.

Alberto's story is just one example of the growth and opportunities that HeliService offers. With our presence at this year’s European Rotors at the end of November, HeliService is ready to welcome new talents into our fold. Join the number one in aviation and take your career to new heights with HeliService. 🚀

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