Product Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023


Don't miss the opportunity to make your flight operations more safety! The integration of the Micro-VMS landing aid enhances safety by providing precise landing assistance, reducing the risk of accidents.

Our lightweight video management system for external cameras, not only provides cost-effective solutions but also brings the reliability and ruggedness of DO160G hardware.

With 2x1 video management and video switching control, you have full control over your visual data, elevating your flight safety to a new level. But that's not all - our system features a VFR landing aid symbol overlay for precise landings and a rotor diameter overlay to avoid rotor collisions.

The height above terrain with climb and descent indication ensures that you always maintain situational awareness of your flight altitude. The drift indication guarantees stable hover, and our configuration software allows for easy integration and customization to meet your specific needs.

The best part? Our video management system is standalone and suitable for retrofitting, meaning you can easily upgrade your existing fleet. All of this comes at an attractive price point as it is a COTS product.