Product Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

NGR421 Routers: Elevating Connectivity for Aviation in the 5G Era

New NGR421 Routers unveiled at European Rotors 2023. The NGR are so-called next generation routers, based on 5G technology with cell-network enabled MultiWAN-technologies and integrated voice telephony for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

The NGR Routers are next generation 5G technology based multipurpose cell-network enabled MultiWAN routers with integrated WLAN radios to work as cockpit/cabin access point for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

The NGR Routers are available in configurations with integrated 5G cell modems to work as router or gateway. The product variants are stand-alone, all-in-one cabin-
communication devices.

The NGR architecture also incorporates VoLTE and VoIP audio telephony services with analog and digital audio interfaces.
Pilots and passengers can do voice telephony over VoLTE or VoIP via the onboard intercom audio system. In addition, handheld devices can be connected via Wi-Fi for legacy VoIP
telephony apps and to connect to the internet.

The optional TCR-22 universal control head enables dial-pad and control functionality for telephony in a NVIS-compatible DZUS-mountable box. Multiple TCR-22 can be attached in parallel.

Featured Multi-WAN interface technology enables integration with legacy SATCOM-systems to enable robust, fast and cost-effective connectivity where cell network infrastructure is temporarily available for mission execution.

The LRU is certifiable with all product variants, to be operated in-flight and on-ground in harsh aircraft environments.

It is the industry’s leading fully integrated multichannel airborne solution in a light-weight single box.

The powerful state-of-the-art CPU architecture provides low power consumption without active cooling requirements. As the system is fully designed by team2technologies for rugged airborne applications, we are a valued partner for full integration support and expert-based lifetime assistance.

The NGR Router is a future-proof, smart, secure, reliable and longtime available investment.

The world’s most powerful all-in-one connectivity solution, certifiable for aircraft installations.

The NGR Router family enables all types of airborne installations for cockpit-, avionics-, cabin- and mission systems connectivity. Typical applications are EFB- & mission system
integration, emergency medical transport services (EMS/HEMS/telemedicine), passenger connectivity and inflight entertainment (IFEC).

With the integrated high-power WiFi-radio, cell/WLAN-based aerial MESH-networking, remote drone control, and unattended content on-/off-loading for airliners are part of the application spectrum.

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