Operations Manuals and related services

Do you have the impression that your manuals are not up-to-date, but you don't have the capacity for a thorough review? AeroEx offers a wide scope of services to ensure that your manuals are compliant.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Manual Templates incl. Compliance Linkages
  • Manual Customization
  • Continuous Revision Service

The Manual Templates' structures are in accordance with the EASA specifications and cover all regulations for an AOC, SPO, NCC, CAMO, ATO, and MOE organization.
Our guidelines enable you to tailor the manuals efficiently on your own.

A Gap Analysis quickly reveals whether it makes more sense to correct your existing Manuals or to create new Manuals based on the Manual Templates.

Available Manual Templates:

  • EASA OM- A/ B/ C/ D  for CAT
  • EASA OM- A/ B/ C/ D  for SPO
  • EASA OM  for NCC
  • EASA OMM Organization Management Manual
  • EASA EFB Policy and Procedure Manual

  • EASA CAME Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition
  • EASA MOE  Maintenance Organization Exposition
  • EASA Cabin Crew Manual (incl. CC Training & CC Safety Procedure Manual)
  • EASA MCF Maintenance Check Flight Manual

  • EASA ATO OM Operations Manuals for Training Organizations
  • EASA ATO TM Training Manual for Training Organizations
  • EASA ATO OMM Organization Management Manual for Training Organizations

  • EASA Ground OPS Manual
  • EASA Security Program Manual
  • EASA Emergency Response Plan


Delivered as Microsoft Word or Web Manuals documents.
The Web Manuals Documents feature the full compliance linkages.
AeroEx is an official Sales Partner of Web Manuals.
Request a quote for the full package!

Manual Customization

If you need the creation of your Manuals quickly and conveniently, AeroEx will do the Customization. Based on the Manuals Templates, our subject matter experts will tailor all Manuals to your organization. Billing is based on expenditure. The following questions help to obtain a realistic cost estimate:

  • What is the full scope of your operations (approvals etc.)?
  • To what extent do you think your current regulations differ from the latest EASA regulations? 
  • How does your current manual structure look like?
  • What is your timeline?

Feel free to contact us for a free Demo to Web Manuals and to the AeroEx Manual Templates, or meet us at our booth D-112