Portable Mission Kit For Your Missions

Allowing a better coordination and communication between the various players both on ground and in flight. Raise the mission success in reducing time lost to communicate, misunderstanding and lost connection. Manage the mission with better security with continuous tracking.



THALES presents a new solution for helicopter mission management.
It supports all kind of missions (SAR, HEMS, Fire Fighting, Surveillance, Para Public...) allowing a BETTER COORDINATION AND COMMUNICATION between the various players both on ground and in flight.

This solution consists of a service fully customized to the mission and their users, based on:

  • A mobile application license (through mobile terminals)
  • An access to a web portal (for the coordination center for example)
  • And hardware items (tablet, smartphone, antenna)
  • This solution is coupled with a multi-channel communication system (radio/GSM/satellite) allowing text messages and tracking

This solution doesn’t require any Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). It can equip various types of helicopters (with no modification), but also other aircrafts and vessels such as ground vehicles and boats.

It's ALREADY USED by French civilian security and French Army everyday all over the word.