Press Release SLA

AUK Protection was founded in 2011 by a group of Swedish helicopter pilots. We were tired of the inferior quality of pilot equipment. Since 2013 the Swedish company has supplied garments to helicopter pilots around the globe.

AUK Protection has won the procurement by Swedish Air Ambulance for a contract to supply a complete apparel system for their helicopter crews. The contract covers the central operations of Swedish Air Ambulance, as well as the counties Värmland, Dalarna, Västerbotten and Norrbotten.

Swedish Air Ambulance, SLA, provides prehospital ambulance care in large parts of Sweden. Onboard the helicopters there are, apart from pilots, experienced anesthesiologists and HEMS/nursing personnel that can provide top quality emergency care to sick or injured on site and during transport. SLA also provides intensive care transports between hospitals, both within and outside connected counties. Winning the contract means that central and county-based SLA personnel will be equipped with apparel from the new EMS Collection by AUK Protection, which is specialized for crew needs both during flights and during work at accident sites.

“It feels amazing and inspiring to welcome Swedish Air Ambulance to the AUK family. The process of further optimizing the apparel for SLA operations has already begun,” said Johan Baumann, co-owner and client manager of AUK Protection.

During the development of the EMS Collection, the user has always been the top priority. The apparel must meet the high demands of the crews and remain comfortable, efficient and modern. All while maintaining the highest quality in materials and details. The majority of the fabrics are sourced from within EU, where all our production takes place. The launch of the EMS Collection is one step in the mission of AUK Protection to improve everyday conditions for those working in and around helicopters.