Service Highlight

Procedure Design for Helicopters

From procedure design & support to flight validation, from airspace report to CNS analysis and GNSS signal-in-space performance assessments, Skyguide creates, implements and maintains helicopter RNP procedures.

Safely connecting strategic locations such as hospitals, airbases, airports,
anywhere, anytime in all-weather conditions is a key benefit of a Low Flight
Network LFN. Developed for helicopter-specific operations, the LFN takes full
advantage of performance-based navigation PBN.
Based on our experience built in the challenging environment in Switzerland,
Skyguide is one of the most experienced partners creating instrument flight procedure IFP design and implementation support for civil and military helicopter operators, airports, hospitals, Air Navigation Service Providers and Civil Aviation Authorities.
Together with the Swiss HEMS operator Rega and partners, we created the
first RNP AR/RNP 0.1 approach and departure procedures for helicopter worldwide,
using new design criteria developed in cooperation with ICAO. RNP 0.1 allow lower
minima in mountainous terrain.