We want to hear your ideas and solutions for the next generations of VTOL, public acceptance of urban mobility, support for disaster relief or joint use of drones and rotorcraft, and many more. Participate in the one and only #Rotorthon in #europeanrotors22.

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Based on the meanwhile prominent format “Hackathon”, which brings together Hard- and Software experts, EUROPEAN ROTORS gives the stage to find solutions for topics and challenges the global rotorcraft community is facing. These subjects will be elaborated by interdisciplinary students over its own “ROTORTHON”.


Possible topics to work on:

  • Design
  • Infrastructure
  • Digitalisation/Data Management
  • Environmental Challenges
  • Airspace organisation


On site challenge:

Three brainstorming days. During the three days of the EUROPEAN ROTORS show some teams of aerospace students will compete against each other. Each topic will be assigned to the teams on the first day of EUROPEAN ROTORS which have been developed in exchange between the industry, research institutions operators and EASA. On the last afternoon of the show the teams will present their solutions to the visitors and a dedicated jury from the whole VTOL community will then choose a winner in each of the two topics.


Online challenge:

Competition begins almost 75 days before the show. Time for the participants to work out technical aspects and present their submissions via videos. It will be necessary to prepare a concept paper and submit a video 10 days before the show. Judges declare and explain their decision and teams will join the ceremony vie conferencing tool.


The prizes of this year will be: 

 - Trip to the AIRBUS facility (accomodation and travel expenses are paid by the organisers) in Donauwörth with AIRBUS goodies.

- Trip to a DLR facility (accomodation and travel expenses are paid by the organisers) to show the newest type of research in the aerospace sector and also goodies.

The Rotorthon - Programme

11/08 - 10:00am: Presentation EUROAVIA and introduction “ROTORTHON” / Presentation topics, teams and sponsors

11/08 – 11:00am: Start Challenges

11/09 – all day: Continue Challenges

11/10 – 10:00am CET: Presentation of results

11/10 – 1:30pm CET: Winning ceremony