Selected Mission Equipment supplier to UKs NPAS

NPAS's choice for game-changing mission equipment on their EC135-T2s bringing improved Operational use of Airborne Mission equipment and robust Evidential Recording

Avalex were proud to supply a wide range of game-changing technology for NPAS's EC135-T2 Platforms, introducing new Rear Cabin full HD 17.3" QUAD Displays with PCAP Touch Screen technology, along with a cockpit mounted 12" QUAD Display. Multi-channel HD/SD Digital Video Recorders mounted in the cockpit and rear console provides the operator with easily accesible removal media for Evidential Recording. Avalex worked with the platform integrator and NPAS to optimise the layout of the displays in terms of both Hard & Soft Bezel Key buttons to minimise operational strain and provide a robust solution. Our Displays are extremely flexible and customisable, giving way to their selection on many other Law Enforcement, Border Patrol and SAR platforms since.