Product Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

Simulator-based Pilot Selection System

In order to increase the efficiency and quality of flight training, this system can be used to test the suitability of pilot candidates before training starts. This increases the success rate of the subsequent pilot training and thus significantly reduces the training costs.

Benefits compared to live screening during a real flight:

  • Success rate of 98 % afterdetermined aptitude
  • Lower costs
  • High system availability
  • Independent of real weather conditions
  • Extensive data recording and analysis
  • Recording of physiological parameters (heart rate and variability, skin conductance,eye traching)
  • Debriefing and flight replay
  • Behavioural observation by instructor pilot and psychologist
  • No danger for the test person
  • Networking of cockpits for crew coordination and team skills
  • Simple adaption of aircraft’s flight dynamics and system simulation
  • Change between rotary and fixed wing aircraft
  • Scalable number of cockpits