Skilled and Streamlined Night Vision Modifications

Since 1995 ASU, Inc. has been the most trusted team in the night vision industry worldwide. With an unwavering focus on field maintainability and continued airworthiness, ASU is committed to safeguarding those who protect and defend with "Night Vision Solutions that Save Lives!"

Aviation Specialties Unlimited remains dedicated to supporting safer nighttime flight operations. Our proven process for custom NVIS aircraft modifications keeps crews airborne to protect and defend. ASU’s skilled drafters, technicians, and traveling installers have completed thousands of installations and hold an extensive Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) list from FAA, EASA, TCCA, ANAC, and CASA. Partnering with ASU means:

MINIMAL DOWNTIME Short lead times and on-site installation

LIVE SUPPORT Post-install parts and expedite service

FUTURE-FORWARD Seamless design changes for modernization

“I’m proud to deliver solutions that keep operators safe and exceed their expectations,” said ASU Part 145 Repair Station Manager Chris Reber.

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ASU has multiple fixed-wing and rotorcraft NVIS STCS currently in development; if you are interested in a new STC, let the team of ASU Expert guide you through the process. Let's discuss my NVIS modification

About Aviation Specialties Unlimited | Night Vision Solutions that Save Lives!

Since 1995, Aviation Specialties Unlimited Inc. (ASU) has proudly served those who protect and defend worldwide with Night Vision Solutions that Save Lives! Their experienced team supports safe and sustainable night vision programs with military-grade NVGs, flexible training, and custom aircraft lighting modifications to fit your needs. For more information, call +1 208-426-8117 or visit