Taking the UAV outdoor flight-testing experience to another level, one partnership at a time

As UAV development quickly escalates, relying on qualified outdoor flight-testing installations and development environments has never been more crucial.

To meet this growing industry need, our experts at Applus+ Laboratories work in partnership with Atlas Center, an experimental flight centre for drone testing. This enduring alliance allows us to conduct a variety of in-flight tests, including CE marking and other types of validation tests for eVTOLS.  

So, what makes this outdoor-flight testing installation stand out from the rest? It doesn't just boast with ideal weather conditions due to its location in Jaén, Spain. Atlas Center works arduously 300 days a year to meet specific customer needs. Its segregated airspace of 30x35Km (up to 5.000ft) guarantees reliability and security throughout the whole testing process. Combine that with its main and auxiliary runway, and two independent hangars that serve as a control centre for mission operations and you've got the perfect combination for UAV success!  

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