The Helisar™ Class ALPHA Hoist

REEL will present during the European Rotors 2021 its new Helicopter Hoist under the trademark Helisar™. Don't hesitate to visit us at the show to see more about our "Class ALPHA" Hoist.

With almost 2300 employees that design, manufacture and support their equipments all around the world, REEL is an international company specialized in lifting and handling systems for critical applications in Nuclear, Offshore, Defense and others industries.

Within its new business-line dedicated to Airborne Equipments, REEL has developped a new rescue hoist under trademark HELISAR™. 

The new "Class ALPHA" hoist is designed with a full modular concept. This allows a very low maintenance program adapted to each function with an advanced control of hoist usage parameters through the hoist control pendant and the Ground Support Equipment. 

Quick exchange directly on helicopter of one of the five modules provides almost a 100% availability and gives the possibility to reconfigure the hoist from one mission to another without changing the complete hoist.

Furthermore, the completely new design features (overload, electronic control, lifting system, brushless motor,…) have been adapted to ensure safety and reliability through various missions operation constraints like Rescue, Military, Windfarm or Harbor pilot operation.


Here is a list of 10 reasons to install the REEL Hoist on your helicopters :

  1. REEL hoist is compliant with the latest draft of regulation regarding helicopter hoist which is under preparation.
  2. REEL hoist has a design that meets high safety level with highest reliability performance.
  3. REEL hoist has an overload protection with fine accuracy and fully and easily adjustable threshold.
  4. The system includes also a shock load protection feature to protect external human cargo in case of sudden fall.
  5. REEL hoist payload is over 300 kg, versus 272 kg for existing hoist systems.
  6. REEL hoist is sized for a 3.5 load factor, allowing an ultimate load of 1592 kg.
  7. REEL hoist is designed for the most stringent thermal situations: allowing 30 consecutive cycles @ 55°C.
  8. With a power supply of 28VDC @ 150A, REEL hoist is capable of higher speed than existing hoists: up to 2,5 m/s
  9. Every maintenance operation have been simplified and can be performed with standard tools allowing reduced costs. 
  10. Human man interface has been developed to exchange UMS data on the pendant to increase safety during operation.

Do not hesitate to visit us at European Rotors 2021 to discover our product !