VFS/Innovation Sessions

Thank you to our moderator M. Hirschberg and the panellists C. Janke, M. Hajek, M. Weigand, G. Ernst, A. Le Pape, Dr. M. Bos-Pavel, J. Viola, M. Masson, T. Gogel, C. Bosch, A. Marino, J. Guitton, A. Artioli, J. Müller, O. Walker Jones, S. Horsch, and E. Dominguez Puerta.


Session 1: Rotorcraft Research - Strat Time: 00:01:20
Session 2: Vertical Aviation Safety - Start Time: 02:58:00
Session 3: Advanced Rotorcraft Technology - Start Time:  03:54:50
Session 4: Advanced Air Mobility - Start Time: 05:12:30