Service Highlight EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

Vibratech Maintenance Service Centre

Approved OEM Maintenance Service Centre for Honeywell/ Chadwick/ DSI equipments – undertaking repairs, functional testing, calibration, updates and upgrades Vibrex Series, etc.....

As you know, vibrations cause a multitude of problems on helicopters and reduce the comfort of crew and passengers. It is not because you have good balancing values that you have a smooth helicopter. A smooth helicopter will help you increase safety and reduce maintenance costs.

As well as being an accredited distributor of Honeywell/ Chadwick /DSI equipment [Vibrex Series (V2K, V2K+, EV2K), VXP, 8500 Series (8500, 8500C, 8500C+), Zing Test Elite (ZTE), 177M6, 8350, 192, STROBEX, FASTRAK and accessories], our OEM Certified Maintenance Service Centre undertakes calibration / functional testing, updates, upgrades and repairs.

We also offer technical assistance and training, so if we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.