Service Highlight

WBT Training for Pilots and Maintenance using full 3D navigation

For the A&D market, both civil and military, Grammelot can provide Web Based Training for pilots and technicians exploiting leading-edge strategies like gamification, adaptive learning and 3D procedure simulations. Our content can be used for certified training and is SCORM and xAPI compliant.

In the Aerospace&Defence world, both civil and military, 3D free navigation approach is more and more adopted not only in simulations context, but also in Ground Training to make training more engaging and motivating also for younger generations. 

In this market, Grammelot can provide a 20 years' experience in designing and developing Web Based Training content which exploits the most leading-edge technologies. Out team - made of instructional designers, multimedia developers, software developers and project and quality managers - can create the best content for specific targets and goals, using strategies like gamification and adaptive learning. 

Each lesson is developed using our proprietary authoring tool Quiddis Make, that allows to customize your content's design and functionalities, also using scripts to match your specific training needs. The platform can be used by teams of people with different roles (project administrator, SME, developer, quality assurance responsible person) and skills, even a mix of clients' and Grammelot's experts. 

Our content - HTML5 and JavaScript based - is SCORM and xAPI compliant and can ben used on most Learning Management Systems for certified training thanks to high levels of trackability of every user's action, even with 3D simulations.

3D models can be provided by the engineering departments or designed originally by a dedicated team. Then, they are imported directly into the authoring system and adapted by the developing team, according to the Training Need Analysis' results, storyboards and target LMS platform's constraints.

Learn about our content design and development skills with interactive 3D and more in the dedicated page