World Aviation has received the approval certificate for a new flight simulator

World Aviation secures AESA approval for its new EC135 T2+ helicopter simulator, bolstering pilot training with advanced, realistic scenarios at its Cuatro Vientos base.

At WA, we are thrilled to announce that on March 2nd, we received approval from AESA for our new helicopter simulator, which complements the facilities we already have at our Cuatro Vientos headquarters and provides our students with an excellent tool to consolidate their training.

The simulator replicates the cockpit of a twin-engine helicopter model EC135 T2+ and has received the FNPT II MCC IR/PBN certification level.

In addition, it has been installed with two Garmin GTN750 systems for RNP, LNAV, and LNAV/VNAV approaches, under instrument meteorological conditions with CAT I operational minimums. It has also been configured with the navigation and visual database of all airports in Spain, allowing us to instruct and practice specific visual and instrument procedures for any location in the Spanish geography.

Furthermore, we have requested the manufacturer to develop the specific airfield of La Axarquía (LEAX) and the private racing circuit of ASCARI, in order to simulate complicated operational locations where crews can practice and keep flight risks as low as reasonably possible.

This modern simulator will be used to teach courses in the helicopter instrument flight module, as well as the Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC Course). “This new acquisition provides a tool to reinforce our students’ training, as they will be able to perform all kinds of maneuvers and recreate any situation with maximum safety,” said CEO A. Delgado.

With this new approval, and continuing our expansion program by acquiring this magnificent training instrument, WA becomes one of the most comprehensive pilot schools in the Spanish landscape, with a fleet of 10 fixed-wing aircraft and 9 rotary-wing aircraft, 2 Airbus A320 simulators, 1 Airbus A330 simulator, and 1 helicopter simulator, in addition to five types of drones, to offer the best and widest pilot training and meet the strong demand in the sector.