Your ePlane e200 is just a few taps away!

You will be able to book an ePlane e200 on-demand simply through an app on your phone. The ePlane e200 can land and take-off out of any rooftop to facilitate door-to-door flying, making it the most hassle-free intra-city commute solution.

Our flagship product, the ePlane e200, will be India's first eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) transportation system. With a footprint of 5m in length and width - it is essentially the size of two small adjacently parked cars. It is the most compact, lightweight and sustainable solution to de-clutter urban spaces. It essentially focuses on delivering an immersive intra-city user experience of transporting people from their doorstep to their end destination up to 10x faster.

Our solution is extremely accessible as it can operate out of any rooftop with no additional infrastructure requirements, allowing for quick onboarding and offboarding of the commuters. With a travel range of 200 km, it can make multiple stops on a single charge, saving consumers a significant amount of time. The solution will also become a key contender to a viable commute solution to people in low-accessibility areas as well.