Program entry EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

Back to the Future: How Helicopter Experience can Contribute to the Safety of New Rotorcraft

Listen to one of the experts in VTOL research and design, Dr. Richard Brown, founder and CTO of Sophrodyne Aerospace. He will give some inside views on how aerodynamic lessons learned from classical helicopters can improve the safety of new eVTOL concepts.

Dr Brown will describe how helicopter experience, when suitably augmented by new theoretical insights and supported by appropriate numerical analysis and experimental data, is contributing to the safety of eVTOL aircraft by helping us to understand those features of their aerodynamic behaviour that are particular to this new class of aircraft. In his talk, he will focus on how we are starting to understand which aerodynamic phenomena are likely to be most problematic, especially when eVTOL aircraft start to operate from vertiports that are located within densely-populated urban environments.

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Dr. Richard Brown

Dr. Richard Brown

Aerodynamics Specialist