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Career Day

The Career Day is aimed both at attracting a wider range of people into the industry as well as encouraging those already working with helicopters to develop their careers by hearing about new opportunities.

The Career Day will include organisations making presentations about the future plans of their business, bringing insight to future opportunities – whether this be new initiatives, or an expansion of existing work by gaining a new operational contract.   For more immediate requirements, organisations seeking to recruit for specific vacancies will have an area available for 1-1 interviews.

Exhibitors are being given the opportunity to participate in the Career Day by booking a desk for interviews, or an area in which to hold a presentation.  Additionally, the interactive platform of EUROPEAN ROTORS offers a dedicated section for Careers in which relevant content can be posted.

The organisers are working with a selection of schools and universities to encourage students to attend, and a social media campaign will further attract younger visitors to come to the Career Day.

Show Director Dr. Frank Liemandt adds:

We are very keen to build EUROPEAN ROTORS into an event that supports the helicopter industry of Europe in as many ways as possible. When we asked our partners last year what the major challenge is for their businesses in the coming years, they all replied: ‘The lack of talent’. This clearly convinced us to organise something special in response to this request – our career day.

Exhibitor Opportunities

  • Rent your desk to meet applicants
    From: 500 EUR per desk
  • Host an event in the dedicated conference area
    From: 400 EUR per 20 minutes
  • Post your content on our digital career section
    From: 300 EUR per post

Profit from:

  • Guided tours for schools
  • Cooperation with universities
  • PR & marketing promotion

Contact us to set up your package: